You've spent lots of money for your photographs. And they are probably very precious to you – as they are to me. Let's make sure they shine to their full potential when shared online by following below tips.

Please don't hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions.



The photos I sent you are optimised for e-mail, social media and other online usage. Please do not apply filters, modify the composition (e.g. square format for Instagram) or change the size of the images as that will significantly reduce the quality and alter the intention of the photographs.


Desktop/Web Version
If you'd like to use a photo as your profile pic, please click "skip cropping" as shown in the screenshot below. If you post a pic or add a cover photo, no cropping will apply by default.

Word of mouth is very important for my business. It would be awesome if you could help me spread the word and credit my photos by adding "Credit: www.itsalrightma.de" to the description. 

Mobile App
Unfortunately, it is not possible to skip cropping your profile pic if you are using Facebook on you mobile phone (what a thought-out app it is). Please add "Credit: www.itsalrightma.de" to the description, though. 

The quality of your picture will be degraded in any case if you use the mobile app to change your profile pic as Facebook changes the photo in a lossy way. So please consider using the Desktop/Web version if possible.


If you'd like to post a photo on Instagram, please click on the arrows bottom left to avoid cropping. There should be white borders top/bottom or left/right after that.

Then, please make sure to select "Normal" and please do not apply a filter to the photo.

It would be awesome to link my Instagram profile. Just type "@itsalrightmaphotography" in the description field and select my page. Much appreciated!